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Charity Partners

We are not only dedicated to helping individuals create a sustainable lifestyle, but we support organizations that are actively making the world a better place.

Every Bold Box purchase donates $5 to the following environmental organizations:


Founded in 2001, Oceana is the largest international group focused solely on ocean conservation. Their offices in North America, South America and Europe, work together on a limited number of strategic, directed campaigns to achieve measurable outcomes that will help return our oceans to former levels of abundance. They believe in the importance of science in identifying problems and solutions. Their scientists lead their team of economists, lawyers, and advocates focused on achieving tangible results for the oceans. Saving the oceans may take decades, but in each of their campaigns they aim to accomplish an important milestone in that effort within two to five years.


Founded in 1961, World Wildlife Fund's (WWF) mission is the conservation of nature. Using the best available scientific knowledge and advancing that knowledge where they can, they work to preserve the diversity and abundance of life on Earth and the health of ecological systems by: protecting natural areas and wild populations of plants and animals, including endangered species; promoting sustainable approaches to the use of renewable natural resources; and promoting more efficient use of resources and energy and the maximum reduction of pollution. They are committed to reversing the degradation of our planet's natural environment and to building a future in which human needs are met in harmony with nature. They recognize the critical relevance of human numbers, poverty and consumption patterns to meeting these goals.


Our National Forests span 193 million acres from Alaska to Puerto Rico. Truly "The People's Lands," these forests, grasslands, deserts and snow-capped mountains are our most cherished outdoor spaces and offer unparalleled recreation opportunities. They support local economies, provide critical natural resources, clean our water and air, and host wildlife. The National Forest Foundation is the only conservation organization dedicated to improving these lands for today and for future generations. Our efficient, effective and creative approaches to restoration reach millions of Americans annually. We accomplish our work through grant programs, signature conservation campaigns, tree planting, helping communities work together, and inspiring millions of Americans each year.