Sustainable Gifting Made Easy!

Our Story

    Bold Box is an eco lifestyle company. We seek to create a movement through our products, company philosophy, and call to action. Bold Box not only produces its own products, but has also curated a large collection of the highest quality products in the market for its customers. 

     Bold Box was founded by two women, Olivia Dahan and Kira Cahill, who were frustrated trying to find chic, affordable, and easy ways to implement sustainable habits into their busy lifestyles. Over the years, the Bold Box team discovered the best products, recipes, tips, and tricks to living an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

     After constantly providing guidance and products for their friends and family, Olivia and Kira decided to start a company that would be able to share their knowledge with a large audience.

     Bold Box is rebranding what it looks like to be eco-friendly. We DON’T wear burlap sacks, we DO love living a colorful life, and we DON’T believe in breaking the bank in order to live sustainably. We are a team of busy, on-the-go, women and men who want to better the planet whilst bettering ourselves. At Bold Box we focus on not being perfect, but simply being better. “Be Bold. Be Better. Be You.”


Kira & Olivia