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Why You Should Make the Switch to Steel

Stainless Steel Food Containers


There are SO MANY positives to switching over to steel food containers, that you might just wonder why these haven’t been more popular your entire life. 


It’s okay, we’re confused so to why these haven’t been a thing until now either. 

With more and more research surfacing about the lasting health effects of plastic, people are moving towards glass and steel.

So let’s talk about that good ‘ol tupperware you’ve been using…

Research now shows that plastic, even the types that are “food safe,” “microwaveable safe,” “BPA Free,” and “long lasting,” are DANGEROUS. These containers, in the beginning are indeed, safe(-ish). BUT, as time goes on and as these plastic containers get washed, the protective sealants and plastic break down. What does this mean? It means that all of those harsh and toxic chemicals are slowly leaking into your food. NO THANK YOU. The toxic compounds found in plastics have been linked to infertility, cancer, and  hormone regulation. AGAIN, NO THANK YOU. 


Enter: the stainless steel container.  

Steel containers may seem pricey, but they’re a legitimate investment we recommend. Why?


  1. They are light-weight

  2. Durable (seriously, these are nearly impossible to break)

  3. Environmentally friendly: steel is a constant renewable resource. It can be broken down and re-purposed endlessly

  4. Zero chemical leaching

  5. Dishwasher safe

  6. Freezer and fridge safe

  7. You can place it on top of the stove

  8. Stackable

  9. Easy to secure

  10. Wont absorb any orders 


  1. Not microwave safe

  2. Pricey


So what’s your choice? Have you tried stainless steel food containers? If so, what did you think? 

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