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Roll Away


Jade Rollers 

You’ve probably seen these beautify beauty tools floating around places like Nordstroms and your estheticians office. But what are they? Why do we love them? And how do I use them?!


Jade rollers have been, supposedly, around since the 7th Century. Used in China as both a beauty and healing tool, the jade roller facial treatment is one of the oldest (and best) tricks in the book. In traditional Chinese culture, jade rollers were not just a tool, but a symbol of immortality (hello anti-aging) and power. Look, we're all hoping to relieve some stress and roll back the clock on our crows feet, so here we go...


Jade rolling is a type of facial treatment. 

Benefits of Jade Rollers

  1. Tones the facial muscles

  2. Eliminates puffiness by increasing circulation

  3. Soothes the nervous system.

  4. Stimulates collagen, which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles

  5. Achieves lymphatic drainage*

  6. Reduces under-eye darkness/circles


How To: 

  1. Prepare

    1. place your jade roller in the freezer before usage. We recommend a minimum of a 30 minute cooling time, though honestly we just let our rollers live in the freezer when not being used. 

    2. Wash and dry your face

    3. Apply a light moisturizer or serum 

  2. Jade Rolling

    1. Start with your forehead and roll, first, from top to bottom in a fan-like sequence. Repeat, and reverse, rolling from your brow bone to scalp, in a fan like sequence. 

    2. Extend this movement by rolling, in long strokes, from your forehead to your chest, landing at your collar bone. 

    3. Roll face roller starting from your nose, outwards towards the sides of your face, with each stroke progressively moving downwards until your final roll is along your jaw line. 

    4. Repeat step 3, twice. 

    5. Eyes: 

      1. focus on your eyes last as this will aid in de-puffing. With the smaller side of the roller, use a similar movement as step three, moving from the inside your under eye, to the outside in a swooping half-moon movement. 

      2. Next, move the smaller side of the roller in a zig-zag motion up and down the under eye, moving slowly towards the crows feet area. 



*Removal of the additional facial fluid that is collected around your eyes and cheeks. There is waste that flows out of your lymph nodes, which is called lymphatic fluid. This waste, usually, goes back to your cardiovascular system. As you apply jade rollers, you are massaging the facial skin, and this, for years now, has been the method of treating sinus and immune disorder.

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