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Holiday Party Time!

It’s that time of year again, that’s right, the holidays are upon us! With fall leaves, pumpkins, and a crisp mornings entering our lives, so does the need to host (or simply attend) parties. 


We’ve found that parties are some of the biggest eco-nightmares, and challenged ourselves to throw an environmentally friendly, fun, Friendsgiving!  "But how?!” you ask… “we’ll tell you!” we answered:


First thing’s first: preparation, preparation, preparation. 

We made a few substitutions this year.

    • instead of using normal paper or plastic plates, we swapped them out for these bad boys: 
      • Compostable Square Plate
        • these chic plates (which come in a variety of sizes and shapes) are made of sugar cane and from 100% renewable and reclaimed resources
    • we used our own metal silverware. yes this meant dishes, we are okay with that. 
      • if you absolutely hate doing dishes (we get it) we also love the EcoVita cutlery
        • this cutlery comes in big combo packs and is compostable (woohoo!)
    • paper straws vs super lame plastic straws
      • paper straws come in a variety of colors and thickness, so no matter what the occasion, you can find one’s that will be a perfect fit for your party! 
      • thicker smoothie straws are also a great option and are a bit sturdier
    • mason jars instead of plastic cups (or fragile wine glasses)

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