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Eco-Friendly Valentines Day

It’s that time of the year again where love is in the air. Whether you’re celebrating a significant other, cherishing time with your galentines, or showing some self-love, here is a guide on how to turn this love-filled holiday into one the planet will love as well!



Who doesn’t love the Hallmark image of the romantic, sexy, leading love interest of a film showing up to the front door with a big bouquet of flowers? Well what if I told you that it was even more romantic, sustainable, and money-saving to gift a proper plant instead of cut flowers that will die within the week. Let love live on with a living plant! The global cut-flower production industry is worth an estimated $77 billion. There are negative environmental impacts associated with cut flowers, such as the extensive energy used, increase in CO2 emissions, pesticide and herbicide use (which can leach into groundwater), and the decline of the bee population (which relies on flowers without heavy pesticides).

SO, you have two options: the Best and the Better.

Best: Buy a living plant for your loved one, gals, or yourself this valentines day and enjoy it’s beauty for months to come

Better: If you insist on showing up with a local bouquet, buy from your local farmers market or an environmentally conscious grower who focuses on local, seasonal, flowers.


I don’t know who needs to hear this but: BUY GOOD CHOCOLATE! It tastes better, is better for you, and also is the simplest of budget “treat yourself” purchases you can make.

Local and sustainable chocolate can be found at most grocery stores, online, and farmers markets (which bonus: support local).

Here are some of our favorites:



It’s fair to say that most women love jewelry, ourselves included. Sustainable and ethical jewelry means transparent and responsible sourcing practices and use of sustainable materials. It has a minimal impact on the environment, isn’t involved with conflict, and gives back to workers by way of fair wages and safe working environments. You have the power to make a difference with your dollar — who you choose to make purchases from influences the market and the standards that market needs to reach. We LOVE finding vintage jewelry and giving special pieces a second life, but we also love supporting awesome jewelry companies that  are creating stainable and ethical pieces.

So, once again, here are your Best and Better options:

Best: shop from a local vintage store OR score a piece of high end jewelry that has been previously worn

Better: shop these fantastic companies who support their employees and the environment

(We will be doing a whole blog on the impact of the jewelry industry)



Gift Box

Not to toot our own horn but our Bold Box Valentines Day Box is INCREDIBLE. It’s a gift we give our friends, family members, our significant others, and 100% ourselves. These products are all sustainable and make for the dreamiest evenings.

This gift box is basically you giving the gift of relaxation.

  • All-natural lavender bath bombs and our signature eucalyptus bath salts are perfect for several luxurious baths (idea: take a romantic bath with your significant other)
  • pampering follows with the gua sha disk
  • warm up and feel your muscles ease with the reusable heat/cool pack
  • cleanse and calm with our palo santo & sage bundle
  • sip sustainably with the cutest stainless steel heart straws
  • exfoliate with our sustainably sourced, silk sea sponges
  • give the gift of laughter with our funny valentines day plantable cards! When finished, plant your cards in a small pot with soil and watch wildflowers bloom

$70 value for only $40

Shop here:



Now more than ever we crave connection. 2020 was an amazing year to analyze just what we need (and what we don’t). One of our favorite sustainable gifts to recommend is an experience. Make memories together! Take a cooking class, learn how to paint, solve a murder mystery, or go to a drive in movie! Options are endless!



This is the gift for the person in your life who is passionate about a cause. Gift a donation to your person’s favorite charity in their name! It’s a move that will make impact while also showing you care about their passions. Most charity organizations ofter printable cards highlighting gifted donations.



Let’s Wrap It Up

Gift wrapping can always be a bit daunting, but we’re here to help. Avoid single-use non-recyclable paper and generic tape with gorgeous fabric wraps, reusable bags, or get creative and place the gift inside of another gift (who doesn’t love a cute tote?). At Bold Box, we gift wrap using 100% recyclable paper, paper tape, reusable fabric ribbon, and adding natural garnishes like lavender.

For cards, what better way than to chose a card that can turn into flowers? Plantable cards are easy to find and, to be frank, are just cool.

If you have kids, plantable cards become a great learning activity!

  • A chic reusable gift box

Alright love birds, go love yourselves, love each other, and love the planet!



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