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Don't Be Trashy this Fourth of July

Here’s how to throw a little GREEN into your mix of red, white, and blue this Independence Day!

Many beaches and parks are closed this year for Independence Day. Traditionally, July 5th is marked as being the TRASHIEST DAY of the year!

If you are having a festive socially distant 4th of July, here are some tips and tricks to make it a bit more eco-friendly! 

Beach or Park Bound: Spending July 4th at the Beach or Park is a wonderful way to celebrate, but leaving trash behind and polluting the water is not the way to do it! Pack your food and beverages in reusable or recyclable containers, ensure that your sunscreen is reef friendly aka paraben-free (otherwise the chemicals pollute the ocean), and be sure to clean up after yourself. Tip: bring an extra bag and glove dedicated to your trash and any extra trash you see around your area. 

Better BBQs: Your classic BBQ of burgers and steaks over charcoal briquettes, while delicious, creates air pollution, emits greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and poses serious health risks. Instead, seek out charcoal that doesn’t contain coal, oil, limestone or petroleum. If possible, use gas, propane or electric grills. Opt for locally grown, pesticide-free veggies, and if you can’t see yourself celebrating the Fourth of July without hot dogs on the menu, pick organic, sustainably raised varieties of beef. Beyond Burgers and Impossible Burgers are great meat alternatives.

Better Party Ware: Skip the disposable tableware and reuse your decorations from last year. Beer and soda cans, juice boxes, and wine bottles can be recycled, so make sure you separate them from non recyclable items. If you did opt for disposable dinnerware, remember that most recycling companies won’t accept utensils or straws. Paper plates will have to be thrown out or composted due to food.



Reef Friendly Sunscreen:

Coola Sunscreen: Coola

Raw Elements: Raw Elements

Meat Alternatives:

Beyond Meat: Beyond Meat 

Impossible Burger: Impossible Burger



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