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It’s funny how items can become a part of our routine and, therefore, we mindlessly consume. Cotton facial rounds and balls have become such an integral part of our daily lives, that we rarely think about what happens once we dispose of them (which is immediately after use…and they go straight to a landfill, FYI). Wether you use the rounds for applying your favorite lotion, toner, etc, men and women alike use these little bad boys. It’s our responsibility to stop this mindless consumption and make changes! LUCKILY, in 2020, making changes are easy! 

Let me introduce you to *drum roll please,* the reusable organic bamboo facial round! *and the crowd goes wild*

Reusable bamboo rounds are absolutely fabulous for several reasons:

  1. They are free from harsh chemicals that traditional, disposable, cotton balls and rounds contain. 
  2. They save you money in the long run
  3. They are made from sustainable, organic, bamboo that uses significantly less water and energy to produce the disposable cotton rounds
  4. They are waste-free! 


The manufacturing process of creating disposable cotton rounds/balls is actually kind of mind-blowing. Through a series of harsh chemicals, a mixture of non-sustainable cotton and synthetic fibers are combined. According to WWF, the amount of water needed to produce one kilogram of cotton, which is one of our basic white T-Shirts, is the same amount of water one person would drink over three years. 


While the water usage is shocking, the largest environmental impact is due to the pesticides used to grow the cotton in the first place. Pesticides deplete soil quality and leach into the surrounding water systems, affecting the local inhabitants. 

Here at Bold Box we are constantly looking at our purchasing decisions and analyzing how we can do better, how we can BE BETTER. So, for us, this was a pretty easy swap, especially since we are always trying to minimize our single-use item usage. 


Now, let’s talk about SAVING MONEY.

One set of fabulous reusable facial rounds will cost you about $15. This set will last you, at the very minimum, a year. If you use around 8-9 bags of single-use cotton rounds each year, you’ll end up spending approximately $40 compared to only the $15 for a reusable rounds set. Now, we realize we aren’t talking thousands of dollars saved, but an extra $25 for a lovely lunch seems nice to have. But what’s priceless is that on top of you saving money, you will be contributing ZERO rounds/balls to a landfill for a year! Now that’s cool.  

 How To Use: 

  1. Just like with your disposable cotton round/ball, apply whatever product you are hoping to use directly onto the reusable bamboo pad
  2. Apply, enjoy, soak in the silky fresh goodness
  3. When it’s time to wash, throw into the laundry with all the rest! We suggest, if you have it, placing the rounds in a mesh delicates bag so they don’t get lost. 

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