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Ahh, don’t we all love wasting money, and time as we slowly ruining our clothing? 

Oh…wait…no one likes that. 

Wool dryer balls are a wonderful, cost-saving alternative to both natural and synthetic dryer sheets and pods. Wool dryer balls can last for hundreds of loads, help to soften clothes and provide the added energy savings of shortening the time it takes to dry your clothing by approximately 25-30%!

Shorter laundry time. Yes. Please. 

Wool dryer balls naturally absorb moisture as they tumble around with your clothing. They eliminate static charge, and help to eliminate/prevent wrinkles. 

Some other added benefits? 

They are safe! There are no dangerous fabric softener chemicals that may cause allergic reactions or skin irritation. Fragrances and chemical compounds, like acetaldehyde and butane, in fabric softeners can exacerbate respiratory issues, especially asthma.In addition, acetone, which is commonly used in dryer sheets, can cause nervous system effects like headaches or dizziness.

The Environmental Chat: 

Wool is a naturally, and sustainable, resource that requires minimal production. Unlike ugly plastic dryer pods, or dryer sheets, wool dryer balls naturally break down and can be composted! Very little packaging is needed when using and shipping wool balls. Additionally, wool balls last, on average, over a year! Talk about reducing! 

Dryer sheets are single-use—which means that we're throwing them away after each round of laundry. Chemicals from dryer sheets can build up and clog your dryer's lint screen, making your dryer a lot less efficient.

How To Use:

1. Place washed/wet clothing, as you normally would, in dryer.

2. Add ALL THREE wool balls to the dryer

3. Reduce dryer time by 10 minutes (this time reduction will fluctuate per your dryer, so we recommend reducing by 10 minutes to start)

4. Go enjoy your life, and return when clothing is ready! 



Over-drying makes those dry clothes rub against each other for too long, creating static!  Since dryer balls help reduce drying time, start by reducing your usual drying time on your dryer by 10 min. You’ll likely need even less time than that. You should know the right length of time within a few loads, and you can adjust accordingly for the future. Certain types of loads will need even less time. For example, while a full load of clothes takes approximately 40 minutes in my dryer, my bed sheets really only need 20 minutes tops before they’re dry.

If you find that you accidentally over-dried your load and now it’s super-static, you can get your wool balls slightly damp and run the dryer again for just a few minutes. Alternately, you can spray your load lightly with some water and run for only a few minutes. Your static will be gone!

Avoid mixing in a fleece sweater with your load. Fleece is a static multiplier! You can hang your fleece to dry, or dry separately. This goes for big fluffy blankets too!

Your wool dryer balls may start to pill over time (bits of lint attaching to them).  You can remove the pills, but they actually aid in the drying process, so you’re better off to leave them!

If you dry large loads, it is recommended that you use six of the wool balls, instead of just three, in the dryer to assist with separating the fabrics as they spin around. Or, you can mix the two types and throw in a pack of three wool balls and a pack of two of the yellow dryer balls (that’s what I do)!

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