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5 Things To Not Stress About Right Now

As someone who cares about being a better environmental citizen, you might be frustrated about certain difficulties right now. During this crazy, chaotic time, you might start to feel guilty for some less-than-eco-friendly actions. Well we are here to tell you to relax. It's okay. Times are tough, so do your best

1. Groceries in Plastic Bags

Depending on where you are in the country, the rules on bringing your reusable bags to the grocery store are all over the place. "You may not use them"..."You may use them, but you must bag yourself"...etc etc etc. If you're ordering groceries to your home or doing the shopping in-person, it's difficult to avoid plastic for health and safety. So, let it go. Reuse the plastic bags. Bring your bags just in case, and ask when the usage of reusable bags will be allowed again!

2. Ordering In Food

On any given day, we can all agree that we LOVE takeout. The concept of a toasty pizza arriving straight to my door is still dance-inducing exciting. But, it causes a lot of extra waste. Most take-out containers are not recyclable (fact: you cannot recycle a used pizza box). In this time though when it's better (or simply not allowed) to eat out, cooking every night can be exhausting. Our suggestion: pick 1 or 2 nights a week for ordering in food, cherish those moments, and again, relax.
TIP: request zero plastic utensils or extra napkins. Postmates has a "no utensils" option to make it easy! You're eating at home, you don't need a tiny, poorly made, plastic spoon folks!

3. Upping Usage of Electrical Appliances

You're going to realize just how dirty you are right now. It's ok, we're all having this epiphany. So, while most eco-experts recommend only vacuuming once a week or running your AC sparingly, we suggest keeping your homes as clean as you can. Let's be honest, our enthusiasm for home-improvement and cleaning has rapidly waned, but that still doesn't mean we don't need to constantly be keeping our spaces germ and dust free. Be smart, stay clean.

4. Racking Up Movie Rentals

We've heard a lot of people say how they need to cut back on renting movies etc....c'mon! Renting movies is cheaper than going to the movies, and it improves mental health. Budget in a way that you need to, but also don't feel guilty for small investments in entertainment.

5. Buying Cleaning Supplies

We LOVE our homemade cleaning supplies (check out the blog for simple hand sanitizer, and cleaning spray). But, if you're needing stronger disinfectants, please don't feel guilty for buying any product that you need.

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